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I come in Peace

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The answer to our troubles is simple but complicated all at once, you have to unlearn everything and become new. I’m with you, you don’t have to do it alone.

Ben Famous Radio #2 Plant the Seeds

“Plant the Seeds” prod. by Jape the Buddah Monk

The Infamous highly anticipated Jape day we will get it

I’ve been recording over Jape’s beats for a while…he always sends me something classic and worth writing to. Alot of producers give you their “leftovers” or their “throwaways”. To them its a fair exchange, you get a free beat and they give away a beat that didnt get purchased in hopes to hear what you create, because in all actuality, they like your music.

To me, that whole idea is ass.

I mean thats like someone feeding you expired food…it cant be sold, but someone still eats it. Honestly, “Im off that.”  (c) Sean Carter

If you saw my twitter rant, I’m not the guy who tolerates that treatment. I don’t want to rhyme on your unfinished or so-so beats. This is art, why would you put out anything less than your best?

Enter, Jape…dude balances his military duties alongside his passion for production and he has been sending me bangers for seasons. This particlular track is called “Plant the Seeds”. Its dramatic, but gives you the cliffhanger effect, as it never seems to fully drop. The track bleeds anticipation. I made sure the flow was intact and precise for this one. It was recorded on Phillip Glass’ equipment during one of my “secret sessions” after the completion of Hard+Work. I always felt like the record never got a proper release. So here it is in its entirety.

Download via UserShare – Plant the Seeds