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I want that #12 – Nike ACG 2 in 1 Technical Jacket


NIKE has impressed me with their latest approach to the ACG collection. As far as fashion goes, I only voice my opinion from the standpoint of a consumer. I am a Recording Artist and an Art Director for Graphic Design, not Fashion Design. Every trade in this world deserves its respect and the experts in these fields should be heard before the voices of those who are just ranting on the internet.

with that said…

I don’t believe in this idea that we recognize the price of an article of clothing before we recognize its craftsmanship. This Technical Gore Tex jacket by NIKE demonstrates function before form. It is the same coat that NFL coaches wear to protect them in bad weather on the sidelines, but with reflective type branding the coat on the front and back that serves as reflective stamping to make you visible within the elements. I like that. Simple but there is dignity in simplicity and this hits the nail on the head. This coat is unavailable on retailers and is drawing a tag of $800 on Ebay. I still want it but I’m not purchasing this masterpiece second hand.


Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.45.57 PM

I want that #11 Sega Megatron

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.41.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.41.59 PM

As a collector this brings back too much nostalgia. I remember getting my Sega Genesis for my birthday and playing Sonic the Hedgehog until I got a migraine. No saving, you had to win or start from the beginning. LOL. Those were the days man. As a lover of Transformers, obviously this it too much to handle.

You can pick this up @ Big Bad Toy Store here:

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.42.21 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.42.09 PM

It comes in stone gray and I guess you have to paint him yourself. Seems worth the effort if you are a real collector. Just a great idea and an awesome way to combine childhood memories. Gnna snap this up for my new studio and hopefully post some pics later. Been working on the new tape diligently. Give me time yall.

I want that #10

I want that 10

Nike Stealth Foamposite

Im from Jersey, and that means I see alot of concrete and blacktop. ¬†These are the most official shoe for our terrain I can think of. The timeless design and rugged look make this one of the toughest Nike’s of all time. No need to worry about holmes who stepped on ya joints either…its not gonna be a huge factor with these. Good with almost any pair of raw denims, the stealth foam is my favorite. Possibly the only shoe that I would wait in line for…wait what am I saying?

Street value around $400, I think these are a must own for any collector or anyone who wants to fight the concrete back! Ha!

Megatron Bombs is here!!!!

The wait is over! Thank you so much for your undying support! This is huge!!!!

Download it now!!!!

I want that #8

Walnut encased Neo Geo

We are all trying to build our very own bat cave. Don’t pretend you don’t want a funnel slide that will bring you from your car to your living room at the push of a button. lol.

We may not all be able to get the funnel slide but at least we can have a conversation piece that doubles as one of the greatest gaming systems of all time. I know, I know. I already did a post on “I want that” for a Neo Geo, but this one is made of wood (pause). That should justify the double gadget lust. If you want to get one of these go here, otherwise get your chisel, cus this is gonna take a while.


I want that! #7

Nike Air Max Posite (Black)

The dopeness knows no bounds. I don’t normally do Nike boots, its kind of like a protest since I went to school in the Maryland/DC area and everyone there was rockin Nike boots. I had on the Vasquez, tryin’ to be different and such. Still gotta admit that these are just ridiculous. I already love Foamposites, but soupin them up like this is kinda like putting a hemi under the hood. Crazy.

Photo’s Video’s n Clothes

Workin’ off no sleep…runnin on fumes. Intervied with Clubzone FM and hit the concrete for a photo shoot.

Here are some of the flicks I took with Matt of BiggShot. We were in 201 at a dope locale with some art that was screamin’ for attention.

>>>>>> Download the entire Photo Pack!!

After the shoot ended we logged everything and gathered the crew to get this BET Hip Hop Awards video done for 92Q Jams. Check it out below

Oh you thought when I said “get your own gear” that I meant just music equipment? Nah!

Watch the High Definition video on my Vimeo Account.

Download “Fly me away (award tour rap)”



Photography – Matt Flanagan

Videographer – Brendon Davis

Jacket – Triumvir M-65 Jacket

T-shirt – Orisue “Premium” T (I told you I want that!!!!!)

Jeans – Levis 501

Sneakers – Nike Lux Blazers