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I want that #12 – Nike ACG 2 in 1 Technical Jacket


NIKE has impressed me with their latest approach to the ACG collection. As far as fashion goes, I only voice my opinion from the standpoint of a consumer. I am a Recording Artist and an Art Director for Graphic Design, not Fashion Design. Every trade in this world deserves its respect and the experts in these fields should be heard before the voices of those who are just ranting on the internet.

with that said…

I don’t believe in this idea that we recognize the price of an article of clothing before we recognize its craftsmanship. This Technical Gore Tex jacket by NIKE demonstrates function before form. It is the same coat that NFL coaches wear to protect them in bad weather on the sidelines, but with reflective type branding the coat on the front and back that serves as reflective stamping to make you visible within the elements. I like that. Simple but there is dignity in simplicity and this hits the nail on the head. This coat is unavailable on retailers and is drawing a tag of $800 on Ebay. I still want it but I’m not purchasing this masterpiece second hand.


Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.45.57 PM

Art Director MC

I’m working with award winning Art Director, Rich Tu on this bboy project. He called me in as his Cinematographer and Editor for the project. ¬†When it’s finished I will be sure to share it with you.

I’ve been in and out of his studio for the last few weeks chopping 5 hours of bboy footage down to this one minute banger…and this is just the rough draft, stay tuned.

– shout out to the Dynamic Rockers and all of Queens, NY.