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NEW ALBUM OUT NOW!!! The Promise


The second studio album is here. All new focus, same lyricism, same love for the art. Thanks for listening. Available on all digital retailers!!


I want that #12 – Nike ACG 2 in 1 Technical Jacket


NIKE has impressed me with their latest approach to the ACG collection. As far as fashion goes, I only voice my opinion from the standpoint of a consumer. I am a Recording Artist and an Art Director for Graphic Design, not Fashion Design. Every trade in this world deserves its respect and the experts in these fields should be heard before the voices of those who are just ranting on the internet.

with that said…

I don’t believe in this idea that we recognize the price of an article of clothing before we recognize its craftsmanship. This Technical Gore Tex jacket by NIKE demonstrates function before form. It is the same coat that NFL coaches wear to protect them in bad weather on the sidelines, but with reflective type branding the coat on the front and back that serves as reflective stamping to make you visible within the elements. I like that. Simple but there is dignity in simplicity and this hits the nail on the head. This coat is unavailable on retailers and is drawing a tag of $800 on Ebay. I still want it but I’m not purchasing this masterpiece second hand.


Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.45.57 PM

Behind the scenes clips from A3C festival in Atlanta

These videos are from two panels I attended while at the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

A five day festival with almost zero police presence. Just 24 hours of hip hop and knowledge all the time.

You wouldn’t believe how many artists I met on a person to person basis. The vibe was so relaxed and everyone was so accessible. I made a lot of friends in the game and I learned a lot. I will definitely be going back next year.

Above are two clips I actually captured when I wasn’t busy living the situation. There were moments I did not film because I’m just not walking around with my phone out to film…I was literally soaking in the vibe and enjoying every second of this. The clips are of Cardo talking about how he produced “Seen it All” for Jeezy and the events surrounding that. The second video is 9th Wonder being recorded live on an episode of the Combat Jack Show. Both are crazy you had the to be there moments.

Check out the videos and share them as much as you like. Peace.

I come in Peace

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.43.05 AM


The answer to our troubles is simple but complicated all at once, you have to unlearn everything and become new. I’m with you, you don’t have to do it alone.

Throwback Thursday #1

A freestyle about this one night I was hangin’ with my man 50 grand…Mike. #TBT


Cool Kids Never Die


Dedicated to young urban youth everywhere.

RIP Trayvon and so many others like you. You will live forever.

– Fame

Stadium Red


This past weekend I got the pleasure of making myself comfortable at Stadium Red Studio. My dude K Quick had an event for one of his Grand Staff artists named KepStar, it was a great event and I learned alot, here are a few pics from the listening session.




Much love to Grand Staff.

Bless up!

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 11.29.27 PMtwitter: MrBenFamous


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I post alot of cool stuff thats random and thought provoking. – Art Director MC

This is too raw.


for real…it is.

Dear Rapper #7: Don’t worry about what they say


Ted Clayton. Ben Famous.  Harvest Works NYC, 2013



I know, I know…everyone has an opinion. I know, I know…music is changing.

I know, I know…you’re supposed to be a certain age. I know,I know…you need to sound more like him to be relevant.

I know….I just dont care.

Rap music was always about self expression and more than anything the narrative behind your journey. If there is anything people respect its hard work and dedication (copyright Money Team lol).  If you love music and are truly dedicated to this journey keep creating. I go against the grain on most things and thats what makes me unique, I also go against the grain when it comes to the age issue.



Case in point: Pusha T says in a recent record that he is 36. Thats a revelation considering that it has become the norm for rappers to lie about their age and profess to be younger to “seem” more appealing or in tune with the hip hop generation. Lmao! The hip hop generation is timeless, thats why Pusha is regarded so highly he could care less what you think about him…check Wrath of Caine mixtape he has a song about it, ha!

See the real truth at hand is the neverending question. Do you love this? Love is a strong word and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I know alot of heads who “like” to rap but that doesn’t mean they love it. You may “like” making songs and the attention it brings when you mention whatever project you been working on, but if you love this…it’s in your bloodstream. You can’t hide it and truth be told you shouldn’t want to.

So grab your rhyme books and turn off the tv and the radio…focus on being yourself and being creative, that’s what the game needs man. We don’t need any clones…just be you. If you can tune in to your zone and create something special and fearlessly share it with the world regardless of what people may say or think about it, your a rebel and a true artist. Be that. 

Just don’t forget to ask yourself that question first…”Do I love this?”


I love this. Amen.

Ben Famous Radio: Freestyle session #2


12:35 Jersey City, NJ.

Wish you were here.

Freestyle Session #1

This is how I write songs…I let my subconcious do it. This is something new I’m working on.

Megatron Bombs Digi Booklet

As you probably guess, making Megatron Bombs a success is a fulltime job, that includes a lot of red tape. Whether it be distributors giving me a hard time, venues overcharging the new artist, radio hosts not investing in my music but asking me to come on their show and so on, Im still going to stay true and show gratitude to my fan base.  Its because of you guys that my album is a success and its also because of you that my ideas get out. Thank you for the retweets, the mentions, the reposts and the physical support. This is for you.

My distributor couldn’t include the digi booklet and make the release date so I went on without it. Here is the pdf, enjoy. I couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you.


Download Megatron Bombs Digi Booklet!

Megatron Bombs: On the set of “Head Noddin'”!

The first video from #MegatronBombs has been shot and is currently being edited. Head Noddin prduced by Brady James inspired a very creative idea and lead to an awesome day of filming & fun for the cast and crew.

With the help of some very talented people, an amazing concept came together, that had been in the making since before Megatron Bombs was released to the public. Thanks to some very dedicated GDM Team members and a few very beautiful and talented ladies, the vision became a reality.

If you are still one of the few people who have not purchased Megatron Bombs feel free to do so at the Itunes Store, AmazonMP3, Napster and Rhapsody outlets. The album is a creative feast of lyrics and beats that will no doubt satisfy even the most choosy music connoisseur. Of course, the videos have to be just as creative.

Keep on the watch for Head Noddin’ and many more visuals from this incredible album, below are a few more visuals from the set of Head Noddin. Stay tuned!

Thanks for holding me down. More to come!


Megatron Bombs is here!!!!

The wait is over! Thank you so much for your undying support! This is huge!!!!

Download it now!!!!


I want that #9 Summer Jam

Crazy. Fun. Entertaining.

All I could think about was being on that stage. I need it in my life.

I’m so ready…it was all the battery I needed in my back before I release Megatron Bombs.



Me and my homey @KennyFahim had a little side wager on who had the illest sneaker game for Summer Jam. It came down to my Derrick Rose “Super Lights” and his Jordan “bordeaux”.

Who won?

Official Facebook Page!

“To thank you in advance for the “like” I posted an exclusive video and song for you to enjoy. Check the music player for an unreleased rough track thats just for my Facebook Fans! Thanks for the love. One.”

-Box Beats

Sneak Preview #1

Production pic of album artwork.  Megatron Bombs coming soon.

Dear Rapper #6 – Learn how to freestyle

Look fam, this rap thing is getting polluted. There are alot of pretenders running in our ranks and skimming fans, when in actuality they have no charisma, character or “it factor”. I’m tired of these dudes. Very, rarely do I get to engage into a freestyle session with an artist, but when I do,can you at least freestyle…for real???

No apologies.

I don’t want to hear a rehearsed written, thats the most boring thing that I could possibly sit through as an MC myself. Especially when your written isn’t even all that creative. Now, I gotta stand there as you spit on me and step on my sneakers in an attempt to wild out, while I pretend to care about what you are saying.

I write close to 30 hooks a week, how is that possible? Simple, I freestyle. I know how to bridge myself from concept to concept on the fly and I’m comfortable with my own flow. This allows me to just open my mouth and let the thoughts fly, instead of contemplating for days on what to say and how to say it. It happens for me, I don’t have to force it.

If you want to be a supermagnetic MC, I suggest you put some serious effort into stepping your freestyle game up. Rap over TV commercials, rhyme on techno beats, listen to 98.7 kiss fm and freestyle over oldie classics like Ghostface does on his albums. Everything doesn’t have to be murderous or gangster, be like water man, do what the track calls for.

Just DO something, stop forcing them 5 year old rehearsed battle raps that do not fall into context with the current situation you are freestyling in. You ever notice why people around you look a little uncomfortable, thats cus you are freestyling at a house party but rhyming about shooting someone on a dark corner in your hood. Cmon son…

Below is a candid behind the scenes audio file of a song being written on the fly in GDM studio. This track will appear on Megatron Bombs. The final concept is based off of what you are about to hear. Nothing changed. Simply because I’m comfortable freestyling. This method has helped me create a lot of fly tracks.

Towards the end I begin to celebrate, because I realized Gramz was recording me. lol. I wasn’t happy because I think I’m cool….I was happy because now I can go back and listen to my stream of consciousness and the song is written for me. The best rhymes are the ones you dont force…Believe that.

Step my credits up!

This video is entitled “The Practice”. I posted a rough edit earlier, this is the final vision. I was called in as the Cinematographer at first but I went on to edit the entire video and provide the special effects and title design at the end. I’m very busy over here trying to make this Art Director MC thing a reality. Megatron Bombs is on the way. We finally finished the track listing, now we are mixing and improving. When we get a release date I’ll let you know.


Perfection is Expected

I know I have been ghost for a minute, but thats only because I’m grinding. For YOU as well as myself.

My last album, Hard+Work, was well received but critics did give me a hard time about the overall mixing and mastering of the album. They felt that some songs sounded better than others and that took away from the experience. This time around, I’m on my job making sure you can bang Megatron Bombs in any system and everything is on point. Here is a secret video taken during a mastering session with Born One. Check it out…listen to how clear the bells in the beat are ringing.

– Anybody who believes in me will be proud. I won’t let you down!!!

Art Director MC

I’m working with award winning Art Director, Rich Tu on this bboy project. He called me in as his Cinematographer and Editor for the project.  When it’s finished I will be sure to share it with you.

I’ve been in and out of his studio for the last few weeks chopping 5 hours of bboy footage down to this one minute banger…and this is just the rough draft, stay tuned.

– shout out to the Dynamic Rockers and all of Queens, NY.