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I want that #5 Nixie Watch


I like watches, I have my share of Gshocks…I have the big face casual watch, I have the detailed see through watch that shows the gears and what not, I even have the suave black tie affair watch…but this. This is crazy. All I know is I want one.

The Nixie wont display the time until you tilt the watch to a predetermined angle.

Here is a vid of the Apple guy, Wozniak and his Nixie…

Pretty slick find, I have to credit one of my “brothers” for putting me on…so I put you on!



I want that #4 Neo Geo

$700...thats mad loot to make on a paper route.

If you ar an O.G. gamer like me you remember this…

I was like, 9 or 10 years old droolin’ on the display case in the Electronics Boutique all the way in the back corner of the mall. I remember playin Art of Fighting at the bowling alley and spending all my pocket money trying to beat the first dude (I was a kid, that game was waaay harder than Street Fighter).

Me and my friends would always talk about how crazy NEO GEO games were. When this became a home console, we all went crazy! That is, until we saw the pricetag.

The Neo Geo home system started at $700 and each game was $250.

No way I was getting it. I still remember all the dope games for it though:

King of the Monsters

Samurai Showdown

Best baseball game ever...Baseball Stars

I must have craved this thing for like 3 years and then Genesis came out. It was affordable on a birthday present budget so I got the hookup. It’s only now as an adult that I realize how dope NEO GEO was. I just don’t know why the price had to be so disrespectful…I mean STILL IS disrespectful.

not as disrespectful as this ad for the home system though:

Neo Geo Ad 1992 (

I want that #3

Inception Dream Machine

If you saw Inception you know what this is. Its a machine that sedates the user and allows that person to Lucid Dream. A Lucid Dream is a semi conscious state where you dream but you are “awake” in the dream. I dream all the time but I rarely remember whats happening in my dreams for the most part, I only remember those extra crazy dreams. If I could experience my dreams more fully, it would be like the craziest virtual reality experience. Keyword being “crazy”, cus I’m sure playing around in your head like that could mess you up some sorta way.

I know this machine is not real but back in the day I used to read my brothers PlayBoy magazines (for the articles) and they would always advertise this device called the Nova Dreamer. It was a device that covered your eyes while you sleep and if you started dreaming it would flash red lights into your eyelids. This would make you “wake up” in your dream. Then you were free to Lucid Dream until reality sets back in (you wake up for real).

Nova Dreamer $500 bucks to own your dreams

After seeing Inception I remembered the Nova Dreamer and how they would tell you in the instructions on the side of the page that you need to visualize a symbol that will always appear to alert you that you are dreaming. Thats very similar to the “totem” used in Inception. I wonder if Nova Dreamers are still on sale somewhere. Im gonna have to look around. It cost $500 beans and thats a nice chunk…so it better be some kind of refund system if the thing don’t work, cus I wanna Dream of a Million, literally. Ha!

Regardless, if you ever wanted to know how the Inception Dream Machine works…here is a diagram that can help.

Dream Machine Breakdown

“CEO dreams…” (c) Ben Famous

I want that #2

Orisue Premium T

Im a big streetwear addict, I collect Black T’s from all types of obscure companies, but I have a limit as to what i accept as “Fresh”. Just because you see it on some neo-hipsters in Soho doesnt make the prospective gear you have been eyeballing through a glass window worth the cash you will have to spend on it! I prefer to set trends instead of follow them anyways.

As far as brands I support outside of my own, Orisue is definitely one of them. The Premium T caught my eye a few weeks back and when I pulled the trigger to purchase it (I dont like buying things online, sometims I gotta force myself), it was sold out in my size. I dont wear schmedium shirts fam, so Ill be waiting until they release some more XL’s.

The styling looks governement issue, very military Black Ops in my opinion. I dig the font choices and how balanced the overall design is. The shirt is appropriate for more than just chillin or skating in…which is what the Orisue brand is intended to cater to. This design has a little more dignity and a regal flair. I just wish they got unnecessarily creative with the names of their T’s like how BBC or Triumvir do it.

Either way, I want the Orisue “Premium” T shirt….in my size of course.

I want that! #1

Welcome to “I want that”. This is where I will be posting my impulse buy obsessions!

Super Sideviews…I love how they have the shades on the side, that way you can block¬†peripheral¬†haters! hhahahah!

Seriously though, they have scratch resistant Carl Zeiss lenses a la Sony Cameras and Camcorders. They fit your face too. Alot of people have the Jersey Shore syndrome when it comes to shades, they either too big for your face or too knock off to be in good taste!

Remember…I put you on!