Art Director MC


Dreaming of a Million pt 2 (official video)

Ben Famous

“Dreaming of a Million pt. 2”

Dir. by Ed Jansen

The lead record to my Sophomore album Megatron Bombs, “Dreaming…” features modern synths and liquid production from Washed Out. We went for a tour around NJ/NY to reconnect with the ambition and hunger that started it all.

Please enjoy and share.



Stadium Red


This past weekend I got the pleasure of making myself comfortable at Stadium Red Studio. My dude K Quick had an event for one of his Grand Staff artists named KepStar, it was a great event and I learned alot, here are a few pics from the listening session.




Much love to Grand Staff.

Megatron Bombs: On the set of “Head Noddin'”!

The first video from #MegatronBombs has been shot and is currently being edited. Head Noddin prduced by Brady James inspired a very creative idea and lead to an awesome day of filming & fun for the cast and crew.

With the help of some very talented people, an amazing concept came together, that had been in the making since before Megatron Bombs was released to the public. Thanks to some very dedicated GDM Team members and a few very beautiful and talented ladies, the vision became a reality.

If you are still one of the few people who have not purchased Megatron Bombs feel free to do so at the Itunes Store, AmazonMP3, Napster and Rhapsody outlets. The album is a creative feast of lyrics and beats that will no doubt satisfy even the most choosy music connoisseur. Of course, the videos have to be just as creative.

Keep on the watch for Head Noddin’ and many more visuals from this incredible album, below are a few more visuals from the set of Head Noddin. Stay tuned!

Thanks for holding me down. More to come!


I want that #9 Summer Jam

Crazy. Fun. Entertaining.

All I could think about was being on that stage. I need it in my life.

I’m so ready…it was all the battery I needed in my back before I release Megatron Bombs.



Me and my homey @KennyFahim had a little side wager on who had the illest sneaker game for Summer Jam. It came down to my Derrick Rose “Super Lights” and his Jordan “bordeaux”.

Who won?

Step my credits up!

This video is entitled “The Practice”. I posted a rough edit earlier, this is the final vision. I was called in as the Cinematographer at first but I went on to edit the entire video and provide the special effects and title design at the end. I’m very busy over here trying to make this Art Director MC thing a reality. Megatron Bombs is on the way. We finally finished the track listing, now we are mixing and improving. When we get a release date I’ll let you know.


Art Director MC

I’m working with award winning Art Director, Rich Tu on this bboy project. He called me in as his Cinematographer and Editor for the project.  When it’s finished I will be sure to share it with you.

I’ve been in and out of his studio for the last few weeks chopping 5 hours of bboy footage down to this one minute banger…and this is just the rough draft, stay tuned.

– shout out to the Dynamic Rockers and all of Queens, NY.

Snapshots of London

I went to London and had a great experience. I got hospitality from some great people I know out there and the 49ers won the football game I went there to see.  I searched high and low for a mom and pop type of record store but no luck.

Enjoy the view.

Bye for now.


Score: Dirty Kleen for Ben Famous “Stacey Dash”

Photo’s Video’s n Clothes

Workin’ off no sleep…runnin on fumes. Intervied with Clubzone FM and hit the concrete for a photo shoot.

Here are some of the flicks I took with Matt of BiggShot. We were in 201 at a dope locale with some art that was screamin’ for attention.

>>>>>> Download the entire Photo Pack!!

After the shoot ended we logged everything and gathered the crew to get this BET Hip Hop Awards video done for 92Q Jams. Check it out below

Oh you thought when I said “get your own gear” that I meant just music equipment? Nah!

Watch the High Definition video on my Vimeo Account.

Download “Fly me away (award tour rap)”



Photography – Matt Flanagan

Videographer – Brendon Davis

Jacket – Triumvir M-65 Jacket

T-shirt – Orisue “Premium” T (I told you I want that!!!!!)

Jeans – Levis 501

Sneakers – Nike Lux Blazers