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NEW ALBUM OUT NOW!!! The Promise


The second studio album is here. All new focus, same lyricism, same love for the art. Thanks for listening. Available on all digital retailers!!


It’s Over produced by DJ Priority

Bars. I’m alive and #ThePromise is coming soon. Something to hold you over, I know you’ve been patient.

Ben Famous – Finishing Move produced DJ Priority

New music produced by DJ Priority. Inspired by 90’s arcade culture. Those were the days fam, put your quarter up and wait your turn. No cheese and stay on your side. Those were the days. Ha!

Paper Chase Remix produced by Brady James

Remix before I even dropped the original…I’m about to start heating up.

Throwback Thursday #1

A freestyle about this one night I was hangin’ with my man 50 grand…Mike. #TBT


Cool Kids Never Die


Dedicated to young urban youth everywhere.

RIP Trayvon and so many others like you. You will live forever.

– Fame

Dreaming of a Million pt 2 (official video)

Ben Famous

“Dreaming of a Million pt. 2”

Dir. by Ed Jansen

The lead record to my Sophomore album Megatron Bombs, “Dreaming…” features modern synths and liquid production from Washed Out. We went for a tour around NJ/NY to reconnect with the ambition and hunger that started it all.

Please enjoy and share.



Ben Famous Radio: Back Like I Never Left

Im back...


I’m back…


Ben Famous Radio: Freestyle session #2


12:35 Jersey City, NJ.

Wish you were here.

Freestyle Session #1

This is how I write songs…I let my subconcious do it. This is something new I’m working on.

Spotted on Spotify!!!


Check me out =) This is kinda wavy!

Ben Famous – Megatron Bombs

Megatron Bombs is here!!!!

The wait is over! Thank you so much for your undying support! This is huge!!!!

Download it now!!!!

Official Facebook Page!

“To thank you in advance for the “like” I posted an exclusive video and song for you to enjoy. Check the music player for an unreleased rough track thats just for my Facebook Fans! Thanks for the love. One.”

-Box Beats

“The Lost Tape” a Megatron Bomb

Bonus track from my forthcoming project. Happy Holidays.


“The Lost Tape”

Megatron Bombs

produced by Steezilla

Snapshots of London

I went to London and had a great experience. I got hospitality from some great people I know out there and the 49ers won the football game I went there to see.  I searched high and low for a mom and pop type of record store but no luck.

Enjoy the view.

Bye for now.


Score: Dirty Kleen for Ben Famous “Stacey Dash”

Behind the scenes with Dirty Kleen


I took a short trip to Philly to visit my brother and long time friend…Dirty Kleen.

Believe it or not this is the guy that taught me how to count bars and make music in song format. He is 1/3 of The Steel Curtain (Ben Famous, Biz, Dirty Kleen) and he is an inspiration to me any time I get the chance to talk music with him.  Ive known Dirty Kleen since 2000 and he has always sang and rhymed. He was doing that before I even knew what a Drake was…and on top of that he makes his own beats.  Of course he is hooking me up with something for Megatron Bombs

Check the video and watch how our session went.

Vintage Ben Famous #2

It’s time to revisit classic moments from my maturation as an MC…

If I keep it real with anyone, I keep it real with myself…I know when I first began my rap career i was easily influenced. I was just nice, real talented at an early age. These young rappers now couldn’t fuck wit “Lil’ Me”. I was too advanced, at the same time I was doin and talkin about things  that I dont naturally stand for. Yet and still, regardless of the content…these songs are monster…so I’m gonna share’em wit yall.

Endangered MC’s

“Heaven” prod. by D Hype and P (2003) *This song was #1 on soundclick’s Rap Charts for 3 weeks in August of 2003.

“Click Clack” prod. by D Hype and P (2003) *This song was #1 on soundclicks’s Rap charts for 5 weeks from June to July of 2003.

“Hustler” prod. by Dirty Kleen (2002) *The Steel Curtain consisted of Me(F.A.M.E.), BizQuit & Dirty Kleen.  This song gained so much buzz at our college that we got seriously PAID to open for Cam’ron and the Diplomats at Frostburg State University in Maryland. After that we released a short EP…soon we disbanded and went our separate ways musically, although we remain friends and Brothers.

I have hundreds more songs that come from early in my career, I’l share them with you guys periodically. I feel like now I’m in the greatest shape of my life lyrically…I just had to grow through all these zones. A lot of rappers still stuck in these zones…i evolved and grew.

Megatron Bombs coming soon.

Cereal for Dinner!!!

This is a monster record!

The title track from the highly anticipated Mixtape “Cereal for Dinner”. Sadly, due to creative differences and delays this mixtape may never happen. However, this track is still here to remind you of the potential!

Probably one of my favorite songs to perform, its sad that this record may never see the light of day commercially due to issues with getting the instrumental cleared by the producer. This is like the milestone in my rap catalogue, since its when I began the Ben Famous transition. I love this track, in the right system its not even fair! Produced by Jicly on an MPC, this beat is dank with dark keys. Watch for the baseline…and the hook. Pow!

Hard+Work reaches 50,000 Downloads!

Hard+Work (c) GDM Worldwide 2008-2010

According to my web Hostings ping, hit and traffic counter. The downloadable file for my Dual Experience Album entitled “Hard+Work” has been downloaded 50,000 times as of 2:35pm today.

Hard+Work first released in August of 2008, never received any commercial blog support. Robby Wells greatly assisted by getting the first single “Shades @ Night” recognition by placing my video for the song on the Myspace Home Page. Beyond that, it has been groundwork, Tastemaker Radio Show appearances and plain word of mouth that made this album an underground success. I could go on all day about the great people that made this possible, but I packaged those mentions inside the Hard+Work download. Fully designed imagery for every song is accompanied by liner notes and thank you’s to everyone involved. Check it out, by hitting the download at the bottom.

First off, I want to say I’m extremely grateful that you care about the music I make and felt the need to own it and make it yours. I want to thank everyone who shared it and spread the word, as well as all the mega talented artists that help make it possible. From the producers to the features it was extremely fun and life-changing. I hope Megatron Bombs can achieve similar success as I venture to create my first full length Album for purchase on the immediate market. Thank you guys. I’m humbled man, that’s all i can say. Sometimes you wanna give up and kick back and enjoy life, but when you see people appreciating your art, it motivates you to start again.

Peace, Love.

Download Hard+Work

update!! Plans for a digitally remastered version of “Shades @ Night” and an exclusive Hi res Download of the accompanying art will be made available via I tunes soon. Keep checking in, its coming quick!

Ben Famous Radio #2 Plant the Seeds

“Plant the Seeds” prod. by Jape the Buddah Monk

The Infamous highly anticipated Jape day we will get it

I’ve been recording over Jape’s beats for a while…he always sends me something classic and worth writing to. Alot of producers give you their “leftovers” or their “throwaways”. To them its a fair exchange, you get a free beat and they give away a beat that didnt get purchased in hopes to hear what you create, because in all actuality, they like your music.

To me, that whole idea is ass.

I mean thats like someone feeding you expired food…it cant be sold, but someone still eats it. Honestly, “Im off that.”  (c) Sean Carter

If you saw my twitter rant, I’m not the guy who tolerates that treatment. I don’t want to rhyme on your unfinished or so-so beats. This is art, why would you put out anything less than your best?

Enter, Jape…dude balances his military duties alongside his passion for production and he has been sending me bangers for seasons. This particlular track is called “Plant the Seeds”. Its dramatic, but gives you the cliffhanger effect, as it never seems to fully drop. The track bleeds anticipation. I made sure the flow was intact and precise for this one. It was recorded on Phillip Glass’ equipment during one of my “secret sessions” after the completion of Hard+Work. I always felt like the record never got a proper release. So here it is in its entirety.

Download via UserShare – Plant the Seeds

Ben Famous Radio #1

This is the section where I will post Artists “I LISTEN TO PERSONALLY” first up we have my guy BizQuit!

BizQuit of The Steel Curtain

Son is real nice with the bars, I think the best thing about him is his passion and the fact that he’s willing to rhyme real sh*t. Down bottom you can stream and download one of his illest tracks “Drink alot of ‘Gnac”.

See HD Video of Biz freestyling here.

usershare download – Drink Alot of Gnac