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Dear Rapper #6 – Learn how to freestyle

Look fam, this rap thing is getting polluted. There are alot of pretenders running in our ranks and skimming fans, when in actuality they have no charisma, character or “it factor”. I’m tired of these dudes. Very, rarely do I get to engage into a freestyle session with an artist, but when I do,can you at least freestyle…for real???

No apologies.

I don’t want to hear a rehearsed written, thats the most boring thing that I could possibly sit through as an MC myself. Especially when your written isn’t even all that creative. Now, I gotta stand there as you spit on me and step on my sneakers in an attempt to wild out, while I pretend to care about what you are saying.

I write close to 30 hooks a week, how is that possible? Simple, I freestyle. I know how to bridge myself from concept to concept on the fly and I’m comfortable with my own flow. This allows me to just open my mouth and let the thoughts fly, instead of contemplating for days on what to say and how to say it. It happens for me, I don’t have to force it.

If you want to be a supermagnetic MC, I suggest you put some serious effort into stepping your freestyle game up. Rap over TV commercials, rhyme on techno beats, listen to 98.7 kiss fm and freestyle over oldie classics like Ghostface does on his albums. Everything doesn’t have to be murderous or gangster, be like water man, do what the track calls for.

Just DO something, stop forcing them 5 year old rehearsed battle raps that do not fall into context with the current situation you are freestyling in. You ever notice why people around you look a little uncomfortable, thats cus you are freestyling at a house party but rhyming about shooting someone on a dark corner in your hood. Cmon son…

Below is a candid behind the scenes audio file of a song being written on the fly in GDM studio. This track will appear on Megatron Bombs. The final concept is based off of what you are about to hear. Nothing changed. Simply because I’m comfortable freestyling. This method has helped me create a lot of fly tracks.

Towards the end I begin to celebrate, because I realized Gramz was recording me. lol. I wasn’t happy because I think I’m cool….I was happy because now I can go back and listen to my stream of consciousness and the song is written for me. The best rhymes are the ones you dont force…Believe that.

I want that #8

Walnut encased Neo Geo

We are all trying to build our very own bat cave. Don’t pretend you don’t want a funnel slide that will bring you from your car to your living room at the push of a button. lol.

We may not all be able to get the funnel slide but at least we can have a conversation piece that doubles as one of the greatest gaming systems of all time. I know, I know. I already did a post on “I want that” for a Neo Geo, but this one is made of wood (pause). That should justify the double gadget lust. If you want to get one of these go here, otherwise get your chisel, cus this is gonna take a while.


Step my credits up!

This video is entitled “The Practice”. I posted a rough edit earlier, this is the final vision. I was called in as the Cinematographer at first but I went on to edit the entire video and provide the special effects and title design at the end. I’m very busy over here trying to make this Art Director MC thing a reality. Megatron Bombs is on the way. We finally finished the track listing, now we are mixing and improving. When we get a release date I’ll let you know.