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Perfection is Expected

I know I have been ghost for a minute, but thats only because I’m grinding. For YOU as well as myself.

My last album, Hard+Work, was well received but critics did give me a hard time about the overall mixing and mastering of the album. They felt that some songs sounded better than others and that took away from the experience. This time around, I’m on my job making sure you can bang Megatron Bombs in any system and everything is on point. Here is a secret video taken during a mastering session with Born One. Check it out…listen to how clear the bells in the beat are ringing.

– Anybody who believes in me will be proud. I won’t let you down!!!

Art Director MC

I’m working with award winning Art Director, Rich Tu on this bboy project. He called me in as his Cinematographer and Editor for the project.  When it’s finished I will be sure to share it with you.

I’ve been in and out of his studio for the last few weeks chopping 5 hours of bboy footage down to this one minute banger…and this is just the rough draft, stay tuned.

– shout out to the Dynamic Rockers and all of Queens, NY.