Art Director MC

Photo’s Video’s n Clothes

Workin’ off no sleep…runnin on fumes. Intervied with Clubzone FM and hit the concrete for a photo shoot.

Here are some of the flicks I took with Matt of BiggShot. We were in 201 at a dope locale with some art that was screamin’ for attention.

>>>>>> Download the entireĀ Photo Pack!!

After the shoot ended we logged everything and gathered the crew to get this BET Hip Hop Awards video done for 92Q Jams. Check it out below

Oh you thought when I said “get your own gear” that I meant just music equipment? Nah!

Watch the High Definition video on my Vimeo Account.

Download “Fly me away (award tour rap)”



Photography – Matt Flanagan

Videographer – Brendon Davis

Jacket – Triumvir M-65 Jacket

T-shirt – Orisue “Premium” T (I told you I want that!!!!!)

Jeans – Levis 501

Sneakers – Nike Lux Blazers


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