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B.T.S. with Omid G for “Take What We Want”

Welcome back everybody, hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. Here is the footage mash-up from the session I had last week with Omid G. We worked on a new banger entitled “Take What We Want”, cus thats exactly what we do. haha. Check it!

Omid has his own gear and his own setup, he enjoys the process of creating music as much as being a producer. I say if you love what you do and satisfy your own standard, then fame and fortune should follow. Pun intended. We chopped it up about this and that, but I couldn’t include all those clips in the vid. I think I’ll post them later at some point. The session was crazy and Omid has bangers on deck…look for him on Megatron Bombs!

As usual the HD version can be viewed on my Vimeo Page.

p.s. make sure to watch all the way to the end…


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