Art Director MC

Out in Westchester, NY

I went to link up with my homie Omid G. He is a talented producer, I took a trip out to Westchester to chop it up with him and record some new nuggets.

Omid in his lab.

Rob stopped thru...

Out of all of Omid's gadgets...this was the coolest to me.

We recorded and talked about the game…life…music. It was a dope session. I’d definitely go back…matter fact I have to go back because I left my headphones in his booth!!! Its a cool drive anyways, alot of scenic views. Brendon took video of the whole session, I just have to edit it. I will post that soon. Westchester is a nice ride though, its just harder when you get back to the city…

4pm...somewhere around 179th.

9:30...Chilltown, NJ

Video of the session and a sneak preview of the Omid G produced track featuring me, “We take what we want” coming soon!


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