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Vintage Ben Famous #2

It’s time to revisit classic moments from my maturation as an MC…

If I keep it real with anyone, I keep it real with myself…I know when I first began my rap career i was easily influenced. I was just nice, real talented at an early age. These young rappers now couldn’t fuck wit “Lil’ Me”. I was too advanced, at the same time I was doin and talkin about things  that I dont naturally stand for. Yet and still, regardless of the content…these songs are monster…so I’m gonna share’em wit yall.

Endangered MC’s

“Heaven” prod. by D Hype and P (2003) *This song was #1 on soundclick’s Rap Charts for 3 weeks in August of 2003.

“Click Clack” prod. by D Hype and P (2003) *This song was #1 on soundclicks’s Rap charts for 5 weeks from June to July of 2003.

“Hustler” prod. by Dirty Kleen (2002) *The Steel Curtain consisted of Me(F.A.M.E.), BizQuit & Dirty Kleen.  This song gained so much buzz at our college that we got seriously PAID to open for Cam’ron and the Diplomats at Frostburg State University in Maryland. After that we released a short EP…soon we disbanded and went our separate ways musically, although we remain friends and Brothers.

I have hundreds more songs that come from early in my career, I’l share them with you guys periodically. I feel like now I’m in the greatest shape of my life lyrically…I just had to grow through all these zones. A lot of rappers still stuck in these zones…i evolved and grew.

Megatron Bombs coming soon.


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