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Dear Rapper #3 Stop hating…

Jersey City, NJ

Hating is getting played out. Actually its corny. If you can position yourself to wonder about someone elses success and how it is possible…then you can focus that same energy on yourself. That’s where it needs to be if you gonna make it out here, trust me these labels ain’t in no hurry to pay you to be good at rap. Game dont work like that. Make yourself…anyways, let me continue…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at shows and showcases(fuckery) full of rapperers and a small amount of listeners, (backwards I know) who only have energy for their friends and associates. When the other artists that they are not aware of perform, they give half hearted claps or talk over the performance, without even giving the person a chance.

I can understand the mindset, because I HAVE IT. The only difference is that, “I am not a hater.”

By respecting everyones music, you respect yourself. The biggest hurdle for any unsigned artist (if you want to be signed) is attracting that initial attention. Noone likes to be the first person to show up at a party, so you have to understand that these trendy neo hipsters will never be your “first” fan. Until someone else cosigns you or until someone becomes your fan first, they will pretend to be aloof to how dope your sound may be. This is life homey…don’t try to compensate by adopting that mind state. (I deal with it by collecting listeners, who later on become fans. Shooting for fans right away is hard, cus people dont have their own mind…they need to be told or shown what to like…thats why I love my listeners…and my readers!)

Hopefully, in the future you will be on tour and you will have to coexist with a number of artists, all diverse and from different genres…if thats the case, do you think its gonna be cool to front on them when their fans are bleeding over to your fanbase?


So take it from someone who has performed at many Soho dives and underground “secret” cool places, that are supposed to be cutting edge. Its better to be cool than be a hater…

I remember performing at Sputnick in Brooklyn, and a certain skinny jean advocate saw me backstage and gave me the “what are you doing here” face…(with me its always an issue cus people know my music, and they know me. They just never know how I end up where they are, cus in their world, I aint supposed to be up on that…Bitch, I’m me!!…you gon’ learn)…I responded with the “I’ll slap the shit out of you face” AND STILL…extended my hand and offered peace and a good luck wish…thats how I roll. Hate is bad for the system.

As I performed dude tried his best to ignore my set in his attempt to be “cooler”..until the end where the audience response was undeniable and he had to clap like everyone else. Hypocrite…smh, don’t be that guy. Be your own person…stop hating and enjoy hip hop…if a dude is wack, let him rap. Me and a certain tastemaker have been known to chant “Let him rap!” belligerently at shows…everyone deserves their shine if they have the balls to step on stage…they may not get a second chance so let’em have their moment. Aight?…cool.

One time this rapper(not rapperer) said “I buy CD’s cus of Rap Karma…if I buy they shit…people gonna buy mine. If I’m willin to listen, I know people gonna listen to me.” I agree wit that idea to this day, especially if I have the patience to listen….I have been reapin the benefits of that because every time I check my numbers…I got a new listener every day. Thats love, not hate.



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