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What is Megatron Bombs?

Powerful Weapon in the right hands...

Metaphorically speakin’, its my secret weapon. Its how Im gonna set myself apart from these cookie cut rapperers*. Hip Hop is crowding “Rap” off the shelves…Hip Hop is flexible, no boundaries. But when you have no boundaries, a lot of bullshit seeps through and thats what is being mass produced today.

Rap music is strict….its like how Latin is the strictest form of any language. So Rap is the strictest form of music lyrically…I think music started as Hip Hop, changed into rap and changed back into Hip Hop. The only difference is that Hip Hop is owned now and Rap is still free.

Megatrons Bombs is a Rap album…so like, when you look at the Genre in your itunes…it might say “Genius Composition/Rap” check some of the songs you downloaded from this site already, the Genre def ain’t Hip Hop. I got nothing against Hip Hop, certain shit I can “Get jiggy wit” (c) Will Smith (Made Famous by Nia Haqq).  I love Hip Hop, I’m just managing your expectations with this…MEGATRON BOMBS IS A RAP ALBUM.

Hopefully its the FIRST TOTAL RAP ALBUM of the year…I’m gonna let these other rapperers* sing and harmonize and shit. Thats not what I’m about fam (insert straight face here)…I flow nice and I try to rival the drums for dominance on a track. Thats how I approach rhyming. Thats what Megatron Bombs is going to sound like. A raw rap album with sick beats and ridiculous rhyme patterns. I’m like a gymnast, but to judge my routine, you just gotta observe and understand what you lookin at when it comes to my rhymes. These other guys hide their lack of content behind flashy visuals or sing songy melodies that distract you from the truth. Hip Hop is packaged pop, pushed under a different Genre. I don’t make pop music. I rap.

So to kill all confusion, Megatron Bombs is a RAP ALBUM…prepare to hear some rap! The A&R’s at GDM made me post this. They feel like my audience needs clarification on what type of music I make. For the record, I never doubted you guys. Not even once.

*Rapperer (n) – A person who is more of a jester than a poet. A rapper who lacks natural ability and content.


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