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Hard+Work reaches 50,000 Downloads!

Hard+Work (c) GDM Worldwide 2008-2010

According to my web Hostings ping, hit and traffic counter. The downloadable file for my Dual Experience Album entitled “Hard+Work” has been downloaded 50,000 times as of 2:35pm today.

Hard+Work first released in August of 2008, never received any commercial blog support. Robby Wells greatly assisted by getting the first single “Shades @ Night” recognition by placing my video for the song on the Myspace Home Page. Beyond that, it has been groundwork, Tastemaker Radio Show appearances and plain word of mouth that made this album an underground success. I could go on all day about the great people that made this possible, but I packaged those mentions inside the Hard+Work download. Fully designed imagery for every song is accompanied by liner notes and thank you’s to everyone involved. Check it out, by hitting the download at the bottom.

First off, I want to say I’m extremely grateful that you care about the music I make and felt the need to own it and make it yours. I want to thank everyone who shared it and spread the word, as well as all the mega talented artists that help make it possible. From the producers to the features it was extremely fun and life-changing. I hope Megatron Bombs can achieve similar success as I venture to create my first full length Album for purchase on the immediate market. Thank you guys. I’m humbled man, that’s all i can say. Sometimes you wanna give up and kick back and enjoy life, but when you see people appreciating your art, it motivates you to start again.

Peace, Love.

Download Hard+Work

update!! Plans for a digitally remastered version of “Shades @ Night” and an exclusive Hi res Download of the accompanying art will be made available via I tunes soon. Keep checking in, its coming quick!


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