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Inception Dream Machine

If you saw Inception you know what this is. Its a machine that sedates the user and allows that person to Lucid Dream. A Lucid Dream is a semi conscious state where you dream but you are “awake” in the dream. I dream all the time but I rarely remember whats happening in my dreams for the most part, I only remember those extra crazy dreams. If I could experience my dreams more fully, it would be like the craziest virtual reality experience. Keyword being “crazy”, cus I’m sure playing around in your head like that could mess you up some sorta way.

I know this machine is not real but back in the day I used to read my brothers PlayBoy magazines (for the articles) and they would always advertise this device called the Nova Dreamer. It was a device that covered your eyes while you sleep and if you started dreaming it would flash red lights into your eyelids. This would make you “wake up” in your dream. Then you were free to Lucid Dream until reality sets back in (you wake up for real).

Nova Dreamer $500 bucks to own your dreams

After seeing Inception I remembered the Nova Dreamer and how they would tell you in the instructions on the side of the page that you need to visualize a symbol that will always appear to alert you that you are dreaming. Thats very similar to the “totem” used in Inception. I wonder if Nova Dreamers are still on sale somewhere. Im gonna have to look around. It cost $500 beans and thats a nice chunk…so it better be some kind of refund system if the thing don’t work, cus I wanna Dream of a Million, literally. Ha!

Regardless, if you ever wanted to know how the Inception Dream Machine works…here is a diagram that can help.

Dream Machine Breakdown

“CEO dreams…” (c) Ben Famous


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