Art Director MC

Behind the Scenes with Toast for Megatron Bombs’ Artwork

Bomb n. “To bomb or hit is to paint many surfaces in an area. Bombers often choose throw-ups or tags over complex pieces, as they can be executed quickly.”

I recently linked up with Jersey Graff artist “Toast” for some visuals for Megatron Bombs. For my last album, I was control freakish to the point where I even designed all the artwork.This time around I want to take that risk and let go, allowing others to contribute to this new project. Toast is a friend of mine and true school graff artist. He’s the type to hop a fence and crack his book bag open just to “get up” on a freshly painted wall. Dude is rugged like that. So I asked him to “Bomb” on my album cover. He thought the idea was dope and began drawing sketches. Here is some footage from his bomb session.

Megatron Bombs is a play on words, because Megatron has a meaning and so does the Bomb. Try and put it together. Watch the video to the end for a glimpse of where the artwork is going. As usual the HD version can be seen on my Vimeo Account.


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