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Dear Rapper #2 Get your own gear…

I think the most important lesson I have learned in this music life, its that you need your own equipment. You can spend a lot of time and money trying to record in a professional studio somewhere and enjoy the benefits of blunt smoke, liquor drinking and women making you feel like a real “rap star” but in the end you suffer the consequence of a big bill and little to show for it.

Nice lab right? Can you say $2500 a session? Are you Celine Dion...No? I thought so.

I have a formula for the studio. I already have the songs Im recording rehearsed and arranged. I have the beat tracked out in Pro Tools so I can mix during the session. I write down notes and mark where i want certain effects and additions…most of all i show up on time. Thats just how I work. Ive been blessed to record in several Major Studios (That I wont name to protect the interests of those who snuck me in, lol). Mainly what Im saying is, I treat the studio with respect. Its expensive but necessary so Im not going to waste time. In this respect time really IS money. I always(most of the time) leave the session satisfied because I was prepared.

But there is a grey area…

The engineer may not have the proper plugins…or the gear might act up, there may be someone already there going in over your time, might even be a situation where the engineer is late and he fucks up your hustle. I mean, if you like me, you have places to be at specific times…I HATE WAITING. Regardless, the inconvenience ends up with you paying for something and not getting exactly what you want.

Thats why you need your own gear.

Dont get me wrong…A home recording, no matter how well set up, is never going to match the fidelity that a true recording studio with the proper soundproofing treatments can provide. But you can get muF*ckin close if you have the skill! You can also get your game tight for free! Instead of stumbling over verses or rushing your punchlines because you are trying to beat the clock, you can relax and focus on your performance. Now I’m not gonna sit here and tell you how to rap, I’m just trying to motivate you to save some of that recording budget you accumulated from moonlighting and grinding, and put it to good use. When you get your own gear, you can record when you want and at the pace you want. This is only gonna make you a better artist. When it’s time for the big test and you step into that Pro Studio, you will feel at home and ready. I just hope you nice…no studio can fix wackness my dude.

Pretty much what I'm trying to get my lab like. I want a booth though.

What I have at my own secret lair so far:

Shure Sm27-LC

Pro Tools 8

M-Audio BX8 Speakers

MacBook Pro

Mogami Cables

Partial Soundproofing on opposing walls and above mic


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