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Orisue Premium T

Im a big streetwear addict, I collect Black T’s from all types of obscure companies, but I have a limit as to what i accept as “Fresh”. Just because you see it on some neo-hipsters in Soho doesnt make the prospective gear you have been eyeballing through a glass window worth the cash you will have to spend on it! I prefer to set trends instead of follow them anyways.

As far as brands I support outside of my own, Orisue is definitely one of them. The Premium T caught my eye a few weeks back and when I pulled the trigger to purchase it (I dont like buying things online, sometims I gotta force myself), it was sold out in my size. I dont wear schmedium shirts fam, so Ill be waiting until they release some more XL’s.

The styling looks governement issue, very military Black Ops in my opinion. I dig the font choices and how balanced the overall design is. The shirt is appropriate for more than just chillin or skating in…which is what the Orisue brand is intended to cater to. This design has a little more dignity and a regal flair. I just wish they got unnecessarily creative with the names of their T’s like how BBC or Triumvir do it.

Either way, I want the Orisue “Premium” T shirt….in my size of course.


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