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Red Tape: Dreamin of a Million PT 2! Gotta clear this record!!!

Dreamin of A Million PT 2

I spend alot of time looking for inspiration. One of the blogs I hit up consistently for design and music inspiration led me to a somewhat unknown artist named Washed Out (Ernest Greene). This dude produced this crazy lo-fi single called “Feel it all Around” that has been getting great reviews.

Needless to say, when I heard it, I instantly started flowing. I had major ideas. This inspiration led to me creating one of the first tracks I intended for Megatron Bombs. “Dreaming of a Million Pt 2”. As the song began to heat up, my bruh A.J. Showtime caught on to it and began spinning the record on his highly rated radio show on Baltimores 92Q called Rap Attack.

We began to discuss BDS and recognition, but the problem remained…I need to clear the use of this record with Washed Out and the label this song was released under, Mexican Summer. I’ve hit up Ernest directly but got no response via his twitter. Im not gonna give up, Megatron Bombs needs this track. I killed this beat. I may even add another verse.

Regardless its a dope track and if it never sees the light of day commercially, you can hear it here.


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