Art Director MC

Dear rapper #1

Fact: Self sufficiency is your friend.

People dont want to solicit the idea of “amateur”. It doesn’t interest them like it used to. Now we have everything at the touch of a finger, via mobile phones, twitter, facebook and the like. Your potential listener has been spammed by so many “up and coming” “all new” rappers and singers its crazy. They dont have time for it anymore. They would rather tweet endlessly to an ocean of eyes than spend 45 seconds waiting for some unknowns myspace page to load up. The reason artists pop out of nowhereville and fill your unsigned hungry ego with “fan envy” is because they are already packaged. Regardless of how nice an artist is or how well they put a song together, its easier to gain a fan when you present them with something fan worthy.

So please….rethink your demo, how its mastered and how you market it. Im not sure if guys want to accept your 1 sleeve jewel case with a CD-R inside over some dude who is on Itunes with a trailer for his mixtape. We know the blog game is tainted and we know that insiders are pushing some of these new guys on you as self made, when in actuality they are designed by a hidden label. Its this idea that gives you your power back.

So go in the lab, pay for some quality beats and mixing, pay for a video and lobby to every media outlet you can.


I prefer to do it myself, but I have an interesting skill set that you will come to know. Either way, get it done. No complaining…keep pushing.

p.s. then again…there is always the cosign.


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