Art Director MC

What’s in a Name?

F.A.M.E. or Ben Famous?

Everybody has been asking me:

“Whats up with Ben Famous? What happened to F.A.M.E.? You on some prince sh*t?”

Nah, its not even like that joe. (-_- )

Im just on another level. See F.A.M.E. ain’t nothin new, I been doin this since 2001 and I dont see myself quittin or stoppin, I see myself evolving. I released a gang of projects as F.A.M.E. and I’m proud of that music. Ben Famous is an entirely different animal, he is more about smashing beats. Its no disrespect to my fans who really like F.A.M.E. and what that music represents, its a way of bringing those people closer to who I really am. Im giving you access to my real feelings and real opinions now.

I dont have the same mindset as F.A.M.E. anymore, but I’m still the sole controller of those skills…cus I “been” F.A.M.E.

This is what led me to Ben Famous. I can get iller, I have less concern about the commercial aspect. This is more personal. Im headed down the rabbit hole.


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