Art Director MC

We dont try, we fly

The first leak off of Megatron Bombs. Im not sure how it surfaced on twitter but I saw this crazy tweet in my timeline from one of my random followers (who’s identity has been protected, lol).

I clicked the link to see what it was, it was a reference version to “Fly”. Like one verse and they let the beat ride for like 30 seconds. Everyone hit me up like, “Yo what the hell was that intro about?”. The reference lacked the Transformers samples…so it sounds random. When the Mixtape drops all the songs will have the samples mixed in so it will make alot more sense. I promise.

I still dont know who set up the usershare page with the link, but shortly after that I designed an image to go with the track and I posted my own link with the full song (minus the Transformers samples). The joint is produced by Rahk of The Winners Circle, he produced Shades @ Night from the Hard+Work LP.

This is a real personal song despite the bangin track. You may have to study it, to catch everything Im getting at.


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